Restore Your Health with PEMF Therapy

What is PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy can be used to help with just about any condition or problem. This is because magnetic fields treat the body’s cells, which safely promotes repair in muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and bone tissues, and is therefore effective for everything from wound repair to helping you to get to sleep and everything in between.

By introducing PEMF into the body you will regenerate the energy to the cells and give the body a healthy electromagnetic charge. This is why PEMF is so valuable. By using this therapy you are able to stimulate all levels of the body. When PEMF is applied it will fully penetrate the body, this will lead to the cells being individually treated and therefore tissues, organs, and the body’s systems will start to function at their full potential.

How you can maximize the benefits of your PEMF session  

You should drink plenty of water when using magnetic therapies because the energy will transfer more easily in a body if it is well-hydrated. The magnetic signal will be best in a body with adequate hydration levels. You should come to your session well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids after your session.  

When using magnetic field therapies it is important to maintain the proper levels of magnesium in the body. Magnetic therapies cause motion in the body by way of calcium ion movement. Magnesium is what calcium attaches to as it moves around the cell so a magnesium deficiency may undermine the value of the magnetic field session  I can recommend magnesium supplements if you need one! 

PEMFs have many applications and work to balance your body, but PEMF therapy cannot counteract the negative effects on your health of an unhealthy diet or lack of physical exercise.

Flexible Pricing For Every Session

Choose the right session for your well-being

New Client Consultation

Per Person
  • Discuss Health History
  • 30 Minute PEMF Therapy

1/2hr Session

Per Person
  • PEMF Therapy on 1 Area

1hr Session

Per Person
  • PEMF Therapy on 2-3 Areas